Histological Stains

Alcian Blue

Used in conjunction with PAS to differentiate acid and neutral mucopolysaccharides.

Amido Black
Useful forensic stain typically used for enhancing latent prints contaminated with blood.

Basic Fuchsin
Main ingredient of Schiff’s reagent, a pH indicator, and stain for glycoproteins and mucopolysaccharide proteins.

Biebrich Scarlet
Plasma stain substituted for Acid Fuchsin in Masson’s trichrome.

Bromophenol Blue
Commonly used tracking dye in electrophoresis.

Fast Green FCF
Recommended as a substitute for Light Green SF Yellowish in Masson’s trichrome.

Methyl Green
In conjunction with Pyronin Y will differentiate RNA and DNA.

Methylene Blue
A sensitive stain specific for DNA and RNA.

Pyronin Y
In conjunction with Methyl Green will differentiate RNA and DNA.