Biodegradable Cocktails

Ecoscint XR
Scintillation cocktail for large aqueous samples, non-aqueous samples, and practically anything in between.

Ecoscint Ultra
Biodegradable scintillation cocktail with the best combination of sample hold and efficiency on the market. Ideal for low background counting of environmental samples.

Ecoscint O
High efficiency, biodegradable scintillation cocktail for nonaqueous samples.

Ecoscint A
Scintillation fluid combining high efficiency with good sample hold. Good all around cocktail

Ecoscint H
Highest efficiency biodegradable scintillation cocktail available. For small aqueous samples.

Ecoscint Flow
The best all around cocktail for HPLC flow counting. Biodegradable.

The original ecologically responsible scintillation fluid.

Uniscint BD
Biodegradable scintillation solution especially formulated to accommodate high salt.