TuMinute PCR Clean-Up Kit

Product Overview

The TuMinute™ PCR Clean-Up Kit is a complete set of essential components which enables the experimenter to efficiently clean-up PCR products from various sources including conventional or real time thermal cycling PCR and isothermal gene amplification (PCR). The entire procedure can be completed within 2 minutes and produces far superior results than any competitor kits. The TuMinute™ PCR Clean-Up Kit is suitable for direct use in the following applications: ligation/transformation, sequencing, restriction digestion, microarray analysis, labeling, microinjection, and in vitro transcription

The fastest procedure available (< 2 minutes).

Ultra-purity and recovery of small PCR products with efficient removal of contaminants (salts, proteins, enzymes, nucleotides and primers

Use of preparatory binding solution and non chaotropic or other irritant reagents

Product Components

PC1 (binding buffer)
PC2 (wash buffer)
PC3 (DNA elution solution)
F-spin Column
F-collection tube
User guide