SequaGel XR

SequaGel XR
SequaGel XR


  • Extended Range Gel Solution for DNA Electrophoresis
  • Higher Resolution
  • Certified RNase and DNase Free
SequaGel XR is specially formulated to produce greater resolution and more information — up to 500 DNA bands on a single-load gel. SequaGel XR’s optimized, proprietary formulation prevents aberrant band inversions and yields sharp, clear, highly resolved bands.
SequaGel XR runs substantially faster than traditional gels, while actually improving resolution. These results are achieved in a comfortable time-tested format, providing full interlaboratory reproducibility.
SequaGel XR bands are sharp and true. SequaGel XR provides more information by allowing greater separation between bands near the top of the gel. This effect, similar to a wedge gel, is achieved with standard spacers.
The quality and consistency of SequaGel XR is evidenced by the uniform background obtained upon drying. Band edges are sharp. Even without fixing, the gel will dry without cracking or crazing. The result is a finely-rendered DNA gel.
SequaGel XR is shipped as a two component system consisting of the SequaGel XR Monomer Solution and SequaGel Complete Buffer. SequaGel Complete Buffer Solution contains TBE and TEMED. No dilutions are necessary in this easy to use system. Simply combine the two solutions, adds ammonium persulfate, and casts the gel. SequaGel XR is also available in the form of a 50% stock solution, SequaGel XR Concentrate.


Catalog Number: EC-842