protein electrophoresis


The OmniPAGE range of Vertical Gel Units combines easy of use
with high resolution separations.

– Injection Moulded Mini Unit

– Rapid Gel Casting and Loading

– Rapid set up cooling

3 sizes : Mini 10*10cm ; Mini Wide 20*10cm ; Maxi 20*20 cm.

Common features sharing by these electrophoresis systems including a guaranteed leak proof seal required for trouble free, rapid and uncomplicated gel casting.

OmniPAGE mini

OmniPAGE mini wide

Omnipage maxi
– Compatible with all 8*10 and 10*10cm precast gels
– Low buffer volumes
– Offers the capacity of two mini gels on a single gel
– Optional low or high buffer volume
– Ideal for high resolution separations
– Optional low or high buffer volumes

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