HPLC Flow Cocktails

Ecoscint Flow

The best all around cocktail for HPLC flow counting. Biodegradable, low viscosity, ultra-high sample-hold flow cocktail.

Monoflow 1
For use with flow detectors for organic soluble samples, such as lipids and steroids.

Monoflow 2
A high efficiency scintillation solution for use with flow detectors.

Monoflow 3
Scintillation cocktail for use with flow detectors. Specifically designed for highly aqueous samples up to ratios of 2:1 scintillator to sample.

Monoflow 4
Liquid scintillation cocktail for HPLC effluents containing high salt concentrations.

Monoflow 5
Biodegradable liquid scintillator of low toxicity for HPLC effluents counted in flow detectors at 3:1 cocktail to sample.

Uniscint BD
Biodegradable scintillation solution especially formulated to accommodate high salt.