• Stabilized Acrylamide Solution
  • Deionized and Pre-filtered
  • Aldehyde Free and Acrylic Acid Free
  • Certified RNase and DNase Free
  • Stabilized for a Two Year Shelf Life
AcrylaGel is a ready-to-use, 30% acrylamide solution in distilled/deionized water. AcrylaGel contains 300 grams of acrylamide per liter of solution. Because acrylamide in its crystalline form is subject to self-polymerization, the purity and consistency of polymerized AcrylaGel is superior to that obtainable with powdered acrylamide.
AcrylaGel can be crosslinked with Bis-AcrylaGel, a ready-to-use, 2% solution of methylene bisacrylamide with the same advantages as the AcrylaGel acrylamide solution. However, any powdered crosslinking reagent can be used with AcrylaGel.
AcrylaGel is stable for 24 months when stored tightly capped in a dark area at room temperature (20°C).


Catalog Number: EC-810