sec antibodies


Just add primary antibody !

Develop novel antibody tools quickly for your pioneering research !


Lightning-Link™ uses a one step procedure
which means that you can generate high quality antibody
conjugates with ease, and hands on time of less than 30 seconds.
· Features
· Scientific Applications
– Very easy to use
– 100% Antibody
– No separation steps
– Over 40 available labels
– Little antibody needed
– Easy to Scale Up
– Recovery
– Western-Blotting
– Immunohistochemistry
– Immunofluorescence
· Additional benefits of the Lighning-LinkTM tecnology includes:

Scalability – from µg to mg amounts of antibody without compromise on quality or performance.
Specificity – the Lightning-Link™ system does not generate unwanted polymers such as label to label or antibody to antibody complexes, only antibody to label conjugates.