ProtoGel Quick-Cast 12%

ProtoGel Quick-Cast 12%
ProtoGel Quick-Cast 12%


  • Cast a Gel in One Fourth the Time
  • Eliminates Mixing and Measuring
  • Ideal for Western Blotting Applications
  • Precast Convenience without the Precast Price
With the introduction of ProtoGel Quick-Cast, the time required for casting gels for protein separation has been reduced from 2 hours to under 25 minutes, and the number of steps involved has been cut from 10 to only 3. With ProtoGel Quick-Cast, simply measure out the amount needed, add initiators and cast the gel. No mixing, no multiple measurements, no need for a second casting to produce a stacking gel.
ProtoGel Quick-Cast gels are run in standard 1X Tris-Glycine SDS. Electrical parameters will vary from apparatus to apparatus, but typically gels are run at 170V for 60 minutes.

ProtoGel Quick-Cast gels require no special handling after the run. Simply stain according to standard protocols.

Storage: ProtoGel Quick-Cast is stable for 24 months when stored tightly capped in the refrigerator (4°C).


Catalog Number: EC-895ProtoGel Quick-Cast 12%
100 ml
450 ml