Gelx tips

The cleaner, simpler and quicker way
to excise bands from gels,

GelX Tips

GelX tips allow complete single handed operation throughout the gel excision process thought “Press and Go” gel band excision, push button gel release and push button tip release.

No more scapels required. Users simply fit the GelX tip to a 1000µl pipette, select the gel band, then press the tip into the gel. The gel slice is neatly extracted and contained into the tip. It can then simply ejected into a tube or other contained.

  • Eliminates scalpel damage to
    transilluminator or gel tray
  • Designed for removing bands
    from agarose and protein gels
  • Avoid cross contamination
  • autoclavable

Ask free SAMPLES and you will see how it’s simpler and quicker !


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